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HR Mobile Tech Updates 2023! 5 Reasons Why You Need an HR Mobile App

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Living in a fast-paced world where efficiency is the keyword not only for everyone but also every business, we are constantly searching for new solutions to make our way of work easier and smarter. Technology undoubtedly leads our way.

Mobile Apps are now necessity, not luxury

With smartphone users growing by leaps and bounds, people are getting used to finding everything and accomplishing daily needs via their mobile devices. This is particularly common after the outbreak of the pandemic where social contact is discouraged. More and more businesses find mobile apps the best way to approach and retain their customers. What’s more, target mobile app users have extended to employees to streamline workflow and enhance employee experience. Here are some reasons why HR should equip a mobile app in 2023!

5 Reasons Why HR Should Consider Using HR Mobile App

1. Paperless Office: Streamline & Decentralize Complicated HR Workflow The traditional way of leave and claim application on papers requires HR to process a substantial amount of documents. They need to scan, input data to Excel and archive the documents. Such workflow is not only time consuming but also environmentally harmful. With HR mobile app, employees can apply for leave or expense claims directly with supporting documents uploaded, while their supervisors can check all applications and approve applications easily with one click. Such simplified workflow not only facilitates a paperless office, but also decentralizes heavy workloads from HR to employees and supervisors. HR can now relieve their burden of approving piles of paper applications.

2. Accurate Attendance & Payroll: All-in-one Integration Attendance validation is one of the biggest challenges in HR work. Without mobile apps, attendance is usually recorded manually and the geolocation of clock in cannot be chased. Taking the retail industry as an exemple, HR often needs to confirm the working hours (including OT hours and missing hours) with the frontline managers due to messy records and “buddy punching” may occur even with a punch card machine. Mobile apps can eliminate unnecessary manual work and repeated checking. Employees can now login to the app and clock in/out with various ways including facial recognition, GPS, bluetooth etc., with their identity verified, increasing record accuracy and authenticity. Most conveniently, all the attendance data can be synchronized to your payroll system, which significantly reduces HR stressful workload and salary mis-calculation.

3. Access Anywhere & Anytime: Enhance Employee Experience To retain your talents, especially for companies with a huge number of “deckless” employees, it is crucial to make them feel engaged, belonged and connected anytime and anywhere. If employees often lose track of their employment records, such as payslip, MPF, leave balance, HR policy update etc., they have to ask HR every time without the help of mobile app. Also, paper leave or claim applications may further affect employee experience and increase HR workload. With mobile apps, HR can provide a seamless and personalized user experience to their workforce with everything an employee needs to know throughout their employment. Employees can easily check their employment records and apply for any kind of applications via app anytime and anywhere on the go.

4. Stronger Belonging & Bonding: Overcome Communication Gaps Traditionally, if HR would like to make announcements about HR policy and special events, they will send mass emails to the entire company without addressing a specific target group. Employees may miss the announcement in a sea of business emails. Yet, with mobile apps, HR can now send push notifications anytime with ease. Some apps even allow HR to set target groups based on specific criteria such as department and seniority. Chatbox can also be equipped as an additional communication channel with employees which further strengthens a sense of belonging while eliminating communication gaps between managers and employees.

5. More Security & Privacy: Protect Sensitive and Confidential Data If your company is still relying on conventional ways of doing things, HR may need to handle a lot of confidential applications and documents. Sensitive information may be lost or accidentally passed to the wrong hands due to manual work. With a reliable HR system and mobile app, HR can manage all personal data and applications online in a protected and encrypted environment. The system also allows HR to set access rights and multi-approval levels which further secure the data.

An Invincible Choice For All

Some readers may consider HR system and mobile app as an unaffordable option only for large-scale companies to decentralize and relieve HR burden. In fact, more and more SMEs and startups are searching for a HR system even in the face of recession and business downsizing. The increased demand arised from the changing ways of working i.e. many businesses temporarily closed down their offices and allowed hybrid working to reduce operation cost. That’s why a HR system with a mobile app is more essential than ever. HR can better manage and keep track of their workforce, particularly the “deckless” employees, with mobile features. Many system vendors now offer cost-effective monthly subscription plans. Even businesses with limited budgets can consider the switch to mobile HR now.

“New Normal”, New Way of Working and New Tools

The pandemic has changed the way we work. New modes of working such as remote and hybrid working are now global trends. The old ways of HR management may not be sufficient to cater the changing ways of working. It is time for HR to catch up with the global trends by applying the right technologies and tools! BridgeBuilder HRMS (BBHRMS) now offers a Monthly Cloud Subscription Plan. Users can enjoy a wide range of features, including leave management, attendance management, expense claims, OT claims, roster planning etc., with reasonable price.

Looking for more on the new mobile trend in 2023? Don’t miss our upcoming issue about attendance management and tips for choosing the best clock in models for your business! If you are interested to know more about BBHRMS Mobile App and how it can streamline your HR workflow, please click here for a complete guide or contact us at 3798 4400.



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