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Graphic showing a screen with revenue analysis, a feature in innoboard

BridgeBuilder innoBoard Analytics 

Visualize your imagination.

 The ultimate solution to empower your business

innoBoard Analytics is an advanced analytics and business intelligence tool in facilitating you to go effortlessly in utilizing historical data, achieving data analysis and provide accurate business forecast such as break-even analysis, shop KPI analysis, headcount analysis report. Improve your existing arrangement of resources allocation, enhancing and capitalizing on any potential profitability. Assisting you in seizing every growth potentials and outstanding among your peers.

Become leading performers of your industry 

Pull from everywhere, connect all together

Our innoBoard Analytics supports various data sources, such as Excel, SQL, Oracle and cloud data. You can retrieve data from multiple databases, in-house systems and third-party systems to mash-up all of your data into a single place. Delivering essential information for your needs, and all report can be exported to Excel or PDF file and upload to the cloud instantly.

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Create insight and meaningful forecast

You can see your business and examine data from different angles at the same time. Forecasts can be made with your defined rule for any proposed solutions and future business development. Reducing any uncertainties to wipe away your worry.

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Managing your business on the move

innoBoard Analytics is a web-based tool which is available on both laptop and mobile. You can now gain access to the analysis and reports everywhere anytime and make a more informed, effective action on the go.

Pie chart in innoboard showing breakdown of a company's overhead costs, salary, and coat of purchase
Work Brilliantly Today.
mobile friendly

On mobile 

support multiple data sources

Multiple Data Sources Available 

drag and drop feature

Drag and Drop Visualisation

Live connection for repor and analysis

Live Connection

Template report for diferent industries

Industry Templates Ready

No programmin required

No Programming Required

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