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BridgeBuilder HRMS(BBHRMS)  iAdmin

BridgeBuilder iAdmin

Dealing with trivial matters at your ease.

Bringing Convenience to the frontline.

BridgeBuilder iAdmin is an innovating solution dedicated to retail and food & beverage industries. We understand the high-mobility of the frontline workforce might increase the compliance risk of the organization. BridgeBuilder iAdmin was distinctly designed to eliminate these kinds of troublesome cases. In addition to keeping a good corporate reputation, enhancing the efficiency of store administration and HR related process.

Work Efficiently Today.

Notice Board

Missing personal information from staffs would lead to compliance risk and dragging HR operations. The timely reminder is for any store administration such as licensing renewal and fire safety certificate, you do not have to worry about outdated licenses. With automated reminder and alerts for any outstanding field or document of any uncompleted entries.

Notice Board of iAdmin
iAdmin has user friendly interface and support simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English.

As a solution provider, we have always been concerning the usability of our products. Ensuring high frontline staff engagement towards iAdmin is our top priority. Thus we designed it as a responsive user interface for any devices, available for both laptop or mobile. The traditional Chinese version is available for frontline staff as well.

User-friendly interface

Digitalized forms

By digitalizing all forms such as frontline staff on-boarding, leaving application and exit forms, our system facilitates your operation smoothly.

Digitaliz and automate HR forms/documents, for example. Exit form, OT Claims Form, Leave Application form, and staff onboarding forms

Integrated with your back-end System

All uploaded information and images will be synced to your back-end system or can be exported as excel file for your convenience. Shorten timeline of your operation to proceed to all related documents and images for different shops, such as OT claim and expense claim of accounting department, staffing and on-boarding forms for human resources department.

Integrated with back-end system

OCR Technology​​

Apart from the ordinary function of taking photos and digitalize photos and information such as receipts await for petty cash. We included OCR technology which captures any written text from an image and converts them into readable text without manual typing. This eliminates possible manual typing error, enhancing accuracy and significantly reduced the redundant time for data input.

How OCR Technology help on-boarding, for example transfering ID card information into a document
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