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BridgeBuilder(BBHRMS) HR Mobile App

A Complete Guide to
BridgeBuilder HRMS Mobile App

A Complete Guide to BridgeBuilder HRMS Mobile App

To further enhance employee experience and streamline HR workflow, Bridgebuilder has launched BBHRMS Mobile App this year to offer a wide range of features and functionalities allowing the employees and managers to access HR self service anytime and anywhere on the go! Some of the signature features are listed below:

BBHRMS available on IOS via the app store
BBHRMS available on Android via Google Play Store

Leave Management

Employees can check leave balance, apply for different kinds of leaves and upload relevant supporting documents directly via BBHRMS Mobile App without the trouble of paper application and seeking approval from supervisors one by one. The application will be sent the approver immediately with push notifications. Simply wiith one click, approvers can review the application, check relevant documents and approve the application.

Employees can apply for leave and check approval status using the BBHRMS movbile app
Employees use GPS feature to clock in, clock in status, clock in time, and location will be shown and recorded for managers


BBHRMS Mobile App offers three ways of clock in/out, including face recognition , GPS  and bluetooth. Clients can choose the best clock in method for their employees based on their company scales and business types. The attendance records will be automatically synchronized to the payroll system, releasing the HR from the arduous work of validating and integrating the attendance records for salary calculation.

Claim Management

BBHRMS Mobile App also allows employees to submit claim applications such as meal and travel expenses with document uploading function. Employees can upload the receipts and submit their claims directly on BBHRMS Mobile App to avoid document loss or damage in conventional way of application with physical forms.

Employees can claim different types of expenses according to company policy and upload receipts on the BBHRMS app, and see total monthly expenses
Claim OT and await approval by managers in the BBHRMS mobile app

Overtime Working (OT)

For the company with OT policy, you may find the OT claims function helpful. Such function allows employees and managers to plan OT more effectively.  If the employees know extra duties will be assigned to them in coming months, they can apply for OT in advance. Managers can do the approval and have an overview of the OT schedule of each employee on a mobile device with ease. The actual working hours will be calculated and synchronized to the payroll system automatically for salary calculation. This function can also help aviod violating the rule “418” mistakenly.

Vaccination Record

In response to the pandemic, BBHRMS Mobile App allows employees to upload their vaccination records to let the company have relevant health data to comply with government anti-pandemic policies and measures from time to time.

BBHRMS mobile app allows companies to get a clear understanding of their employees vaccine record and plan ahead to adapt to government policies

What’s more? BBHRMS Mobile App is a secure application equipped with biometrics login with optional SMS two-factor authentication. With one single app, employees can find everything they need in their employment, including but not limited to contact list, company structure, HR policy updates etc. If you are interested to learn more about BBHRMS Mobile App or schdeule a demo, please do not hesitate to contact us at 3798 4400.

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