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Food Procurement Solution

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Food Procurement Solution

Foodival is a secure food procurement solution specifically designed F&B procurement. It’s a total solution with automatic and centralized operation, assisting all parties in the procurement process. It collaborates shop managers, back office and central kitchen workers by a unified system. 
With a centralized system, all parties complete their tasks within clicks, streamlining the whole procurement process. 

Graphic shows how Foodival can help each department of a resautarant, including cashier(POS), back office, shop, central kitchen, suppliers, and delivery of goods
Shop Manager of a coffee shop creating a purchase order on Foodival after receiving a low stock notification

Shop managers get control of all information on ordered goods, including inventory status, stock level, ordered goods status and arrival time. Clear goods receive schedule shows the quantity and items to be received on that day. It can guarantee the quality of food ingredients. By saving the recipes of dishes, quality and quantity can be standardized.

Simple and Chinese Interface 

Foodival provides step-by-step guidelines for frontline staff to submit PR and goods receive. 

Support multi-device and multi-platform 

Web-based system supporting mult-iplatform, Whatsapp, Wechat, email etc. Available on Android and iOS. 

Ingredient order template for easy daily ordering

You can input the master food order list in the kiosk interface, food items are grouped by categories. 

Goods Receive table 

In the goods receive section, shop manager can view all goods to be received on that day and check or adjust the orders received. 

The major task of procurement team is to manage and control supplier and order items of all outlets. The procurement team is responsible for liaising with suppliers, finding substitutions and monitor goods quality. Procurement compliance can be achieved through a centralized system. 
Foodival eliminated manual input effort, enhances the accuracy of data. Your purchase requisition policies are embedded in Foodival to ensure procurement compliance.

Bowls of different herbs

Standardized Blackbox Procedure

All purchases in central kitchen are analysed to the final volume of finished goods outputs in order to ensure that food costs are continually optimized on an ongoing basis.

Real-time notification

Instant notification when PO is submitted. Smart reminder for procurement team (e.g. MOQ & max order quantity control)

Supplier Management

Monitor the price change trend and performance of suppliers. PO can be sent to suppliers by Whatsapp, Wechat, email and


Budget control 

From monthly reports and analysis, procurement team can prepare monthly budget with higher accuracy. Better control of costs and expenses. 

Female worker packing cookies in a central kitchen

Common challenges in central kitchen are excessive stock in warehouse or insufficient inventory or over-production. 
Foodival provides food processing schedule, issue reminder for workers to produce sufficient inventory for outlets. Central kitchen workers knows their target output on each day so they can produce the exact amount of food. No more over-production, guarantee the freshness of food. 

Streamline supply chain

Supply management is now made easier with Foodival, centralized system consolidates purchase orders and handle orders by items. 

Stock par value calculation

Calculation of par value is 
important for central kitchen to keep track on its inventory and defect, Foodival allows stock take and record stock transfer which keeps stock details on hand. 

Reduce Excess Stock with Inventory Management

Real-time visibility of inventory 
availability. Keep track on the usage of products and reduce redundant spend. Greatly reducing food wastage.

Production Batch Schedule

With the clear amount of target output and item each day, central kitchen workers can arrange the best production schedule. Storage cost and food wastage are minimized. 

F&B industry is fast-growing and ever-changing. To make a profit, quick business decision making is needed according to market changes. The management needs updated data and analysis for reporting. Keeping track on cost and sales daily allows the management to react promptly. Sufficient and real-time data facilitates cost control, allow managers to gain customer insights and market trend. 

Restaurant managers having a meeting on restuarnant performance by looking at Foodival food cost reports

Report and Analysis

Now you can control your stock delivery, food cost, food wastage, stock balance, par stock, reorder level, minimum order quantity and COGS from Foodival. Review suppliers performance and cost. 

Maximize Profit

The daily report integrated from POS and Foodival provides updated performance of outlets. Managers can better understand the P&L of all outlets, reducing the risk and take prompt reactions towards threats. 

Plan forward procurement strategy and budget 

With reports and analysis of procurement, management is able to plan ahead for the next budget cycle. Helping businesses to expand.

Smart use of resources

Before using Foodival, manpower was wasted on handling redundant purchase orders and invoices, managers lack time to monitor daily operation. Now, shop managers are able to focus on improving shop performance. 

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