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Property Management System

Our family system. 

Property Management System

Property Management System is an industry-specific solution for property providers. This advanced system is developed by FlexSystem's with its decades of experience, enabling you to keep track of the property asset status, ownership information and tenancy situation and greatly reduce processing time. The response time of customer inquiry will be significantly improved by the full detailed property leasing information.

Without agonizing over the missing of property and leasing information as it will assist you in monitoring the property asset status, ownership information and tenancy situation. In addition, the advanced billing capabilities can digitalize the billing procedure as indicated by specific structure or practices with ease.


Tenant management

  • Different Contract Status

  • Different Recurring Item

  • Contract Versioning Control


Rental Billing Automation

  • Recurring billing

  • Bulk invoice generation


Manage ad hoc billing items

  • Management fee

  • Utility usage

  • Repair Cost


Maintenance management  

  • Building Maintenance 

  • Merge Unit Maintenance 

  • Rental Charge Maintenance


Report and Analysis 

  • P & L Report by Building 

  • Common Area Cost Analysis

  • Income Analysis 

  • Rent Trend Analysis

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