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Workflow System

FlexWorkflow System

Workflow System is a business process management (BPM) solution which automates the business processes and refines the workflow to provide a significant improvement in corporate efficiency. And it can seamlessly integrate with other existing systems, thus it can act as a bridge to unify your user experience by exchanging data among the systems.


Using the Workflow System, the lifecycle of document approval become standardized and the process time is minimized. Standardization ensure process consistency, eliminating human errors and problems due to lost and miscommunication. Moreover, the automation helps your organization to go paperless, Reducing cost caused by printing, storing, distributing the paper documents. Let you trace every business process and workflow at your fingertips.


End User Agent

  • Initiate a new work order

  • Check Daily Task

  • Support remote access

  • Multilingual support interface


Monitor Tool

  • Tasks Tracking

  • Support different level monitoring


Report Tool

  • Performance and Productivity Analysis

  • Create User-defined report


Intuitive Designer

•Drag-n-drop design interface

•User-defined Routing Setting

•Group or role-based process recipients


Approval Hierarchy Chart

•Role-based Setting

•Support temporary group setting

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