Financial Consolidation System

Our family system. 

Financial Consolidation

Dedicated to improving efficiency and internal control over the preparation of consolidated financial statements and also the execution process related to performance management for a group of companies. 


We can drastically minimize the lead time of financial closing. Also, improve the relevance of your financial information that the same set of data source can be utilized for generating financial information for different purposes. Reconciliations between financial scenarios are easy to achieve and time-saving when reconciling between IFRS and GAAPlead time of financial closing. 


Eliminate processing time, for example, reduce the lead time of monthly closing for group consolidation.

Consolidation Automation

Including transaction, voucher, trial balance and financial reports.

Support different data sources

Create different scenarios for making a comparison at a glance.

Generate different scenarios

Including opening rate, closing rate, average rate, historical rate and composite rate.

Support multiple exchange rate

Including the computation of exchange realignment for certain non-current assets and liabilities.

Automatic Currency translation

Relevant vouchers will be created, appended, even overwritten once the batch of financial data is confirmed to proceed.

Voucher Automation

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