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Manage your HR on full compliance

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Mainland China

BBHRMS – PRC Module manages the length of service, automate payroll, social insurance & Fund Schemes and also taxation.

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Comply with Social Insurance & Fund Schemes (五險一金)

  • Compute sophisticated contribution formulas of China mandatory Social Insurance & Fund Schemes(五險一金) for different cities, including endowment insurance (養老保險), medical insurance (醫療保險), unemployment insurance (失業保險), employment injury insurance (工傷保險), maternity insurance (生育保險)and public housing fund (住房公積金)

  • Allow users to import the Social Fund Scheme data from outsourcing service organization

Comply with Latest China

Taxation Rule

  • Compliance with the latest Individual Income Tax (累計個人所得稅) 2019 – Cumulative Individual Income Tax by Cumulative Withholding method (累計預扣法)

  • Support special additional deduction items (法定扣減稅項)

  • Individual Income Tax (個人所得稅)

  • Support calculation of Pre-Tax income (稅前收入), income from author’s remuneration(稿酬所得), income from labor services(勞動所得) and income from interest, dividends and bonuses (利息, 股息, 紅利所得)

  • Gross-up(稅後反算) amount available by calculation of after-tax income

  • Severance payment tax (經濟補償金的個稅) generation when employee leave the company

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BBHRMS – Macau Module provides powerful auto form-filling for government forms to relieve HR workload.

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Hectic taxation forms filing no longer required

  • Auto-fill SSF movement report, M/2, M/2A, M/3 and M/4 forms. No more manual filling and complicated cross-checking.

Taxation Adjustment

  • Income tax will be pre-deducted from employees’ salary monthly or quarterly, streamlining the year-end taxation process. When the amount of tax paid in advance differs from actual tax amount, HR could choose whether to automatically adjusted or not.

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Assure Social Security Fund


  • Support SSF for full-time, part time, and foreign staff

  • With Time & Attendance, payroll engine will calculate the working days of employees based on Macau regulation

Salary Pro-rata Rules

  • Support 30-day Pro-rata Formula

  • Our formula is sophisticated and professional for labour law compliance

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BBHRMS-Singapore is able to contain and manage various social security schemes for different employee profiles.

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Support flexible Central Provident Fund (CPF) Contribution

  • Support different schemes of CPF with high flexibility on scheme setting, including age group, wage band and limitation on ordinary wages, additional wages and rate of skill development levy. 

  • Support various contribution rate to CPF by both employees and employers

  • Currency Exchange Rate for Contribution (Support Multi-Currency)

  • e-submission file is available to reduce manual form handling

Comply with Singapore Taxation

  • Listed as a supporting payroll software vendor for YA 2018* in Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), our e-submission TXT files have been approved by the IRAS and passed the File Validation Test*

  • Create electronic filing of the Employers’ Returns (IRA8A, IRA8B, IR8S and IR8A)to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

* Year of Assessment 2018 File Validation Test

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