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Graphic that shows the functionality of BBHRMS including payroll automation and storing of employee information

Human Resources Management System 

Forward-thinking approach. 
Smartest Way to work.  

Personnel Cabinet

Store everything about your people

BBHRMS allows employees to view and change their personal information on employee self service module
  • Centralize various kind of documents and attachments in one location.

    Access your employee information instantly without any hassle.

  • Make sure your people are doing their jobs with the qualified licenses.​

    Auto-notification will remind HR and related parties for any renewal of professional qualification or visa validation.

  • Help your company growth, first valuing your talent.

    Understand employee’s footprints wisely. This helps you to respond right at different employee lifecycle stage. An appropriate feedback will guide them to the right track of their career prospect, and beneficial for talent performance and company development.

Payroll Engine

Capture all related data and run precise payroll

  • Show detailed breakdown for Compensation and Benefits.

    Our payroll engine does the heavy lifting for you. The complexity of payroll formula can be view at a glance, details breakdown of RSE, 418 ordinances are presented in a clear and consistent way of your inquiry. And we always full compliance with statutory requirements and updates.

  • Analyze and forecast the employee’s budgeting at your fingertips.

    Check the salary structure of your people, give you insight
    for the staff cost in each department or pre-defined project unit. The better C&B budgeting becomes a doddle for you.

BBHRMS helps with payroll calulation, tax form generation, and OT application
  • Never miss the Payslip and Annual Tax Filing. 

    The encrypted e-Payslip and e-Tax form can be sent to your employee automatically or can be download on e-platform.

Leave Manager

Customize leave policies and check the leave application on the go

HR officers can easily check employee leave applications and status
  • Fit your company’s holiday policy perfectly.

    Customize the leave policies for different groups of the employee, allow your leave policies have the high flexibility.

  • Manage the leave application anytime, anywhere.

    Employee and management can handle the leave request and check status on the go. We provide the leave apps, the last-minute approval will be on your hand.

  • Be a smart resources planner for your department.

    Convenient to view the full grid for your department calendar. You can choose to see the leave status of your department in the monthly or weekly grid comprehensively.

Attendance Tracker

Cross-check roster and understand more about your people in a wise way

  • Minimize the compliance risk.

    Alert you proactively for the attendance record of the employee, on a part-time or full-time basis. As the embedded automation of 418 ordinances, holiday pay and other related ordinances lower the compliance risk of your company.

  • Leave integration to eliminate the manual cross-checking error.

    Find and address if there is any conflict
    of duty and leave application quickly. Save your time for cross-checking and make the employee rostering easier.

  • Get a holistic view of the everyday workforce in real-time.

    Employee can track and manage roster on any device. They can enter their appointments, business trips for your better understanding of what your team, department or whole organization is doing.

Managers can plan shifts for employees and see clock in time in calendar layout in roster module, which also complies with 418 rule
  • Understand your people through their pattern.

    Absence and overtime pattern of your people could be viewed, those attendance patterns would be the useful indicator for developing
    better HR scheme and workforce management.

Reporting & Document Designer

Grow your organization with data-driven decision 

Company templates are highly customizable(background colour, boarder colour, boarder width, font, text alignment, formatting rules etc.)

Document Designer​​​

  • Keep your productivity high.

    Create and save your own templates, you can send out to specific group instantly. No more manual distribution, we help to cut out the time-consuming job. 

Reporting Designer​​​

  • Be ready for everything.

    Provide a list of 100+ built-in reports which are encrypted and commonly-used. Besides, user-defined report function is available. Reports can be exported to PDF, Microsoft Excel, PDF and Power BI.

Efficiently generate 100+ performance reports in BBHRMS
BBHRMS statistics dashboard to help managers visualise company performance

Management Dashboard

  • Motivate management turn insight into action with data.

Number is not enough, Dashboard helps to tell the compelling story to leadership with visual. The visual will clearly present the current status and upcoming trends, even forecast the adjustment. Encourage leadership to make a right change to grow a stronger business.

More features

Mobile Friendly

Go Mobile

  • Support any device

  • Proceed e-claims e-leave,
    e-attendance functions

  • Notification updates



  • KPI Setting 

  • User-defined Competencies

  • Appraisal Status Tracking

  • Online appraisal



  • Set Budget Centre

  • Adjustment Projection

  • New Hire/Lay off Budget 

  • Intangible Cost Forecast 

Employee Self Service

Employee Self-service

  • Personal info updates 

  • Check Leave Balance 

  • ePaysilp & Tax Return Form 

  • Online Submission



  • e-Requisition 

  • Candidate Filtering

  • Onboarding Checklist

  • Hiring Analysis 



  • Headcount & Turnover

  • Salary Cost 

  • Workforce 

Manager Self Service

Manager Self-service

  • Access Departmental analysis 

  • Different Level Authorized

  • Delegation functions 

  • Check all high-level related profile

Employee Engagment

Employee Engagement 

  • Create Survey Template  

  • Online Survey

  • Survey Result Analysis

  • Set Regular Survey 

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