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Celebrating Client Success: FlexSystem's Appreciation Luncheon Honors Valued Partners

FlexSystem extends its heartfelt appreciation to its valued clients for the trust and support they have received throughout the year. In celebration of their collective achievements, FlexSystem recently organized a client appreciation luncheon at Conrad Hong Kong in collaboration with Tech-Trans and IBM Hong Kong. The event witnessed a remarkable turnout, with many loyal clients showing their unwavering support. It provided a delightful opportunity for FlexSystem to reconnect with clients, fostering meaningful relationships in a relaxed atmosphere during the festive season. 

The luncheon began with a welcome speech from Mr. Stanley Wong, Vice President of Tech-Trans. Following the opening remarks, Mr. Allen Cheung, Business Automation Technical Specialist from IBM HK, shared insights on IBM’s latest contribution to the development in generative AI by introducing “WatsonX”, an in-house AI assistant that is trained on company content and act in a similar manner to chatgpt, with the key difference being WatsonX’s ability to answer company specific questions like company policies or annual leave balance asked by employees and product information asked by potential clients. It aims to create deeper connections and nurture brand loyalty by providing quality customer service with a human touch. As an example, WatsonX can streamline HR work during recruitment by screening all CVs based on pre-set criterias, then filter the ones that fit and recommend candidates to recruiters. 

Next on the agenda was Mr. Leo Kwok, Partner Technical Specialist and another representative from IBM, sharing his insights on leveraging AI technologies like WatsonX to create reliable budget plans and forecasts. Tools like IBM Planning Analytics helps synthesize information and infer trends. It facilitates best practices such as driver-based planning and rolling forecasts, and allows individuals, groups and enterprise leaders to break free of the constraints of previous generations of planning tools. It provides a single, consistent view of KPIs and enables users to evaluate plans, identify performance gaps and diagnose the root causes of problems. Users can test business assumptions and scenarios, and immediately see the financial impact of alternative courses of action. 

Both parts of sharing are very timely considering the current labor shortage faced by many industries and increased importance placed on work life balance, leading to an increased demand for AI technology that can tirelessly streamline tedious and repetitive work. These interactions fostered engaging exchanges and meaningful discussions throughout the luncheon. The event concluded with a speech delivered by FlexSystem's Sales and Marketing Manager, Ms. Jessica Yuen, who reaffirmed the company's unwavering commitment to its clients and expressed deep gratitude for their continued support over the years.

FlexSystem once again expresses immense gratitude for the trust and support bestowed upon them by their clients, and are committed to surpassing expectations and providing quality offerings as a dependable business partner. FlexSystem vows to continue delivering excellence in the future, ensuring their clients' needs are met with unwavering dedication.



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