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We entered a whole new age called the New Normal after the outbreak of the COVID-19. To adapt the changes toward business management, such as remote working, HR practitioners play a crucial role which is indispensable. 

According to Gartner’s article about the work trend of Post-COVID19, companies should rethink their business strategies and reallocate their human resources to confront the ever-changing environment, preparing for the future in advance.


The Top Three Changes under the New Normal 2021


The Proactive HR

Due to the economic downturn, it is important to re-examine the current human resources planning, such as workforce planning. HR no longer focuses on payroll and leave management only, but also has to establish some new HR policies by considering the future development of the company. For example, we could encourage employees to perform better by appraisal review and recruit positions that help the company to adapt to the New Normal such as HRIS Analyst.

Executing the Contingency Plan Promptly

HR practitioners have to prepare various contingency planning for companies to ensure business can be carried out as usual under the fast-changing business environment, especially under the impact of COVID-19. For example, there should be guidelines for management to deal with the confirmed COVID19 case of employees.  For workforce management, HRs may consider carrying out the remote working practice, simplify the process of payroll calculation and staff termination and maybe recruit more part-time employees to replace full-time employees, etc.



Accelerating Digitalisation

Although the stagnant business environment is a headache for most companies, we could rethink and reform the future business development during this period. By digitizing business, there would be no more tedious manual work and could thoroughly utilize the workforce. It could also enhance employee experiences and increase the transparency of the company. Moreover, digitalization also increases the protection of sensitive data in the HR aspect.

Enlighten HR life and Relieve them from Burdens!

BBHRMS is here to help!

3 Changes of HR Role


A Comprehensive HR Platform that Makes Easy

Remote HR Experiences/ Payroll Automation

Be worry-free in ordinance compliance while calculating payroll with the safeguard of sensitive HR data (double encryption)! Continues to perform HR practices during the Work-From-Home period.

No More Delay in Announcing New Arrangement

Retrieve the latest News via Employee Self-service: Including announcement of company policy adjustment, leave application and detail, and roster.


Provide Attendance Module with Simultaneous Data

Pinch in/out: Online punch in and out record the attendance anytime, anywhere. 


Meeting records: Activity entry records every meeting or event that staffs attend. 

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1.   “Future of Work Trends Post COVID-19 - Long-term Impacts & Actions for HR” 2020 Gartner

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