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[New Feature] Take Your Internal Communications to the Next Level with e-News and e-Acknowledgement

BridgeBuilder HRMS New Feature Updates 2023

In the last feature article,we talked about how e-letters can help companies reduce carbon footprint to create a more sustainable environment in business. In fact, companies can take the concept of sustainability of corporate governance to the next level by frequently and instantly updating company news (like company new hires, structure update) and announcements (like safety and security update notice) to employees anytime and anywhere on their go via Employee Self Service (ESS) web platform or mobile app. This transition not only helps companies align with the prevailing ESG policies, but also enhances internal communication by making the online content more engaging, timely and easily accessible. BridgeBuilder HRMS (BBHRMS) has recently launched two new features, namely “e-News” and “e-Acknowledgement”, which will be discussed further in this article.

How Does e-News Enhance Internal Communication?

Conventionally, HR officers rely on printing out notices and posting them on notice boards or sending announcements to employees by email to communicate with employees especially when the news is only for a certain department. Yet, both methods can be time consuming and labour intensive as it may require manual work and maintenance of multiple mailing lists with tools like Excel. Furthermore, employees often tend to overlook or ignore physical notices or emails amidst the large influx of emails daily, resulting in ineffective communication. Fortunately, with BBHRMS’s new functionality, HR officers can now post company news directly on the ESS system, allowing employees to easily view the latest updates when they log in to their personal accounts, even on the go. By leveraging the convenience of the ESS system, BBHRMS can help enhance internal communication through:

Centralized Communication

Incorporating the “e-News” feature into its ESS system and mobile app, BBHRMS provides a centralized platform for disseminating important information, updates, and announcements to all employees. It ensures that everyone has access to the same information in the same platform simultaneously, reducing the risk of misinformation or miscommunication caused by traditional ways of communication, such as printing out notices and posting to various notice boards in the office, which may be missed or neglected easily. If employees wish to check a particular piece of information, they can easily search and access it in a centralized system which makes company announcements more accessible and transparent.

Timely and Consistent Updates

E-news enables companies to deliver timely updates to employees without any delay as employees can access the latest news anytime and anywhere by logging into their personal accounts, even on the go.It is particularly well-suited for companies that have work-from-home or flexible working arrangements, where employees may not be physically present in a centralized office space. In such scenarios, e-News becomes an essential tool for keeping remote employees connected and updated on important company information regardless of their working locations or hours. It allows a more effective and real-time top-down communication, ensuring that employees are informed promptly about new policies, events, initiatives, organizational changes, and more. With just a simple click, companies can upload the content easily and keep their employees well engaged and informed.

Engaging and Interactive Content

Compared to traditional ways of communication, e-News allows companies to include a larger variety of engaging and interactive content, such as videos, images and infographics. This helps better capture employees' attention and may even encourage their active participation in the communication process.

How to Accelerate Employee Engagement Further with e-Acknowledgement?

To promote effective two-way communication between company or HR departments and employees, it is important to supplement the "e-News" feature with "e-Acknowledgement". While e-News enables the dissemination of information, e-Acknowledgement ensures that the target audiences have not only received but also acknowledged the posted information via the ESS system or mobile app. The combination of "e-News" and "e-Acknowledgement" creates a comprehensive communication system where information can be efficiently shared and feedback can be obtained from employees, fostering a more interactive and engaged work environment. This mechanism is particularly well-suited for announcing important company news, rules or policy changes that require consent or confirmation from employees. Furthermore, this feature allows HR departments to collect statistics and gain insights into the effectiveness of their communication efforts, such as how many employees have received and engaged with HR news and updates, which is beneficial for the HR department to evaluate and formulate better communication strategies in the long run.

Overall, "e-News" and "e-Acknowledgement" can help companies enhance internal communication by providing a comprehensive system that not only delivers information in a timely and centralized manner, but also ensures its receipt and understanding. This promotes transparency and engagement among employees while providing valuable insights for HR departments to optimize their communication strategies. It also enhances your company’s ESG policy through further transition to paperless HR workflow and better communication. In our next article, we will move to discuss how to manage your e-documents more effectively and properly under a paperless office. Stay tuned for more updates!


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