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Increase Employee Engagement with the new Appraisal Module!

New Addition to BBHRMS:

The Appraisal Module

Highly Customizable and Configurable.

Reports can track employee performance ratings over time, identifying trends and patterns across review periods. This allows HR to spot emerging issues, high-performing individuals, and areas that need more focus. Below are two examples of reports that can be generated in BBHRMS after consolidating appraisal data:

Bridgebuilder HRMS appraisal module - showing appraisal reports after consolidating data
Sort appraisal score by cost centre, seniority, and age among others for beeter sucession planning and resources allocation.
Bridgebuilder HRMS performance review showing reports that can be generated in a pie chart format
Sort appraisal score in terms of hiring agency & hiring souce to better access hiring effectiveness, identify trends of high quality candidates and evaluate ROI on recruitment.

If you would like to know more about the appraisal module or other HR modules that are covered by Bridgebuilder HRMS, feel free to contact us.



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