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HR Technologies

The HR technologies We Used to Enhance Your HR Management 

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Web-Based Design

BBHRMS is a web-based design HR system, meaning that it is able to support any devices, no matter it is a computer, tablet or smartphone, or whether is it IOS setting or Android. The presentation will detect what kind of digital devices you are using and adopt into the relevant setting accordingly. No more worry about the IOS or android update as well since it will not be influenced by the update of the mechanism. All you need are only a URL and a digital device that can connect to the Internet. You can access and process for HR services anytime and anywhere.

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Cloud Technology


BBHRMS provides a private cloud platform to ensure your data security and secures data privacy with access control and authentication. It interfaces with the SSO to facilitate identity and access management. With cloud technology, all the HR data are securely stored within the system. It is also convenient for the HR practitioners and employees to use the HR services with mobility. The computing power is empowered as well and resulted in faster processing with fewer delays.

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Proprietary Database

With the proprietary database, BBHRMS safeguards the cybersecurity for your HR data which is one of our fundamental concerns with our client’s data, especially for HR data which included a lot of confidential and personal information. Since all data within the database are encrypted, it protects data from data leakage and prevents illegal access. It also prevents hackers to retrieve the data from the database as well since the data can only be open with the registered sever. Your data are completely safe with us.​

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