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Face Recognition

Transparentize the working progress and status of your remote-working employees with AI empowerment 

With the influence of the Covid-19, lots of companies have reviewed and altered their company policies and implemented the contingency plan such as working from home and allowing flexible hours. However, it is difficult for the supervisors and managements to monitor the working progress and status of the remote employees. It has been an obstacle for them even before the pandemic, toward the employees who work offsite and the frontline workforce. Face Recognition allows the managements and supervisors to keep track of the offsite employees and systemizes a quick and automate verification experience for the employees by their smartphone.

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Punch with Your Face Quickly and Systemize the Attendance Record

By applying the (AI) technology, BBHRMS face recognition function can identify your employee’s face meticulously, no matter how many employees you have. The identification can be performed accurately even when employees wearing the face mask. After employees punching in and off by their phone, the arrival and leaving time are automatically recorded within the system. Hence the management can monitor the exact status of the remote workforce systematically anytime and anywhere.   

Ensure the Accuracy of Punch-in Data

It occurred that the alternative employees can punch-in for their colleagues, misleading the management and supervisor with the forged record of the employees’ attendance. Employees can verify with their appearance only with the design of BBHRMS Face Recognition and its detailed detection of abnormal punch in. Therefore, it assists the company in reforming a standardized company practice of pinching in and off.

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Acknowledge the location of Your Employees 

For employees who always need to work offsite to attend several locations, BBHRMS Face Recognition assists you in knowing the attendance status of your employees with GPS functions, recording the precise and various locations of your offsite employees. Therefore, it transparentizes the complete working schedule of your remote employees. The variant can be precise to street level. 

Be Contactless

Under the influence of the Covid-19, we all avoid to have physical contact with others to prevent the spread of the pandemic.  With the face recognition technology, the whole punch-in process can be carried out with distant which employees will not have indirect contact since there is no touch with the punch-in device.

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