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D-Biz Scheme 

​(遙距營商計劃 )

Transform to the New Business Model of Remote Business
Get your company ready, Plug and Go NOW!

Scenarios of Using D-Biz Scheme


Example 1: Retail Industry

Due to the influence of COVID-19, the retail store is suffered from the decline in sales performance. With D-Biz Scheme, the retail store is able to develop the digital market such as providing online shopping service and provide training for their employees to adopt this new remote business model.



Example 2: Enterprise 

To prevent employee from infection, most companies carry our the work-from-home practice. In order to maintain the business goes on as usual, company can apply the D-Biz Scheme and use for purchase  HRMS for remote team management.

The HRMS should be able to provide services such as E-attendance and E-leave. Company can also purchase system which helps remote working as well, another example would be accounting system. The funding can also be used for providing training for their employees to adopt the system. 


為了防止員工受到感染,大多數公司都採用在家工作的做法。為了保持業務正常進行,公司可以申請D-Biz計劃並用於購買雲端人力資源管理系統(HRMS)以進行遙距營商管理。 HRMS能夠提供電子出勤和電子請假的服務,另一個例子是會計系統。資助還可以用於為員工提供採用該系統的培訓。

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