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Happy New Year! A New Year Message from FlexSystem Executive Director


2022 was another tough and challenging year for Hong Kong as well as the globe due to the volatile pandemic situation. The pandemic has led to large-scale cluster outbreaks and disturbing silent transmission in the community which not only changed the way we live, but also the way we work in a major way. Remote working and hybrid working seem to become the “new normal” and urged us to reconsider and question the usual ways of doing things in HR management. It is also a calling that urged me to think solemnly about how to respond to such changes and how to assist our clients to overcome the new challenges. While it was certainly challenging in many ways to react to the market and improve our offerings swiftly, it showed how strong and capable we are as a team – we tried our best to develop new features and roll out the BBHRMS mobile app even in the toughest times.

A Fruitful 2022 with Big Achievements Unlocked

In 2022, thanks to the concerted efforts and passion of our dedicated and professional team, we have unlocked several big achievements in different areas, from system feature updates, new mobile app development, event management to local recognition.

Some new features on BBHRMS include employee letter box, vaccination history, expense claim and OT claims. We also rolled out an app version to provide a more comprehensive and seamless employee self service to our clients, in which various HR-related tasks, such as personal profile update, multi-way clock in and out functions (with face recognition, bluetooth and GPS), leave requests, expense claims etc., can be done via employees’ personal mobile devices anytime and anywhere on the go. This new launch is particularly beneficial for companies to handle mobile workforce in covid era.

Furthermore, we have held an array of events, including client gatherings, seminars, exhibitions, such as Retail Expo, seminars with WTIA and Google, BBHRMS Client Gathering at Hotel ICON etc., throughout the year to keep our clients updated and connected. I am also very glad to receive many positive feedbacks and see many potential partners and clients were interested in our offerings. Through these events, we were able to establish connections and build up relationships with them.

Most importantly, I am extremely proud that our hard work has been well recognised this year with two awards granted, namely “Outstanding Human Resources Management System - Quality Professional Service'' Award of the Capital Outstanding eCommerce Awards 21/22 and the “Best Payroll Software (Gold Award)” of the HR Vendor of the Year Award 2022, to proof the professionalism and quality of our solution and services.

The Road Ahead: Never Stop, Never Give Up and Never Give In

As a market leading solution provider, we are never satisfied with “good enough”. Instead, we try to make every endeavor to improve our offerings and aim to exceed client expectations in every aspect. In the year ahead, we will continue to carry forward our passion on innovation, customer-oriented service and high quality solutions to foster digital transformation in HR management. Under today’s ever-changing business environment and global challenges, we believe not only big enterprises but also SMEs should equip themselves with the latest technology to cope with the changes. We thus introduced the “Cloud HRMS" which brings the best practice to SME, start up firms and more.

As we all know, despite the gradual recovery of the global and local economy due to the relaxation of social-distancing measures and reopenings of international borders, there are still a lot of uncertainties. Businesses may therefore adopt a more conservative development and HR strategy, especially on budget planning and company expenses. However, even though companies tend to take a conservation approach, many of them still think that it is necessary to introduce various kinds of automated systems in order to simplify current workflow and tackle new challenges. HR may find it more difficult than ever to cope with new modes of working and ever-changing social distancing policies, which urge them to rethink the advantages of using a comprehensive HR system. In such cases, “Cloud HRMS”, due to its affordability and flexibility, is not only a global trend, but also the best choice for companies planning for digital transformation in HR management with limited budgets. It is therefore the time for HR to review their HR strategies and to reconsider switching to “Cloud HRMS” in order to prepare for the new Cloud era and unexpected operational challenges ahead.

Wishing You All A Fruitful Year Ahead!

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my team for their hard work over the past year. I believe that every harvest comes from hard effort and teamwork. That’s why we will keep exploring, growing and doing more in the coming year. I also look forward to working side by side with our clients and partners to explore more possibilities and create more values . With their continued support, I am confident that we will have more breakthroughs in 2023. Lastly, may all your hard work and endeavors pay you with glory and happiness in 2023 and wishing you and your family a fruitful and healthy 2023. Happy New Year!

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