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BBHRMS x Google Workshop - Cloud HRMS: Streamlining HR Operations throughout the Employee Lifecycle

On May 24, 2023, Bridgebuilder HRMS and Google jointly organized an interactive workshop that aimed at showcasing the latest updates when it comes to Cloud and AI products. Through this workshop, attendees are given the opportunity to learn about the application of cloud and AI in businesses and the implications for their own companies.

Miss Ella To, Google’s Business Development Manager, presented their advanced Cloud and AI products such as Google Cloud, demand forecasting, and OCR, which is a change of pace from their traditional and more commonly known products like Gmail, Google Drive(which includes Docs, sheets, and slides). Google also generously shared some practical use cases to help attendees visualize the benefits of these products when implemented into their own businesses.

Carmen Law, Project Manager of Bridgebuilder HRMS, on the other hand, showcased the Cloud HRMS mobile app, which is designed for HR departments to be able to streamline HR processes anywhere, meeting the ever-changing needs of the market as HR continues to embrace technology. Attendees were able to try the app during the workshop, and were provided with scenarios to work through four modules: onboarding, bluetooth clock in/out, expenses claim, and leave application.

The workshop was well received as onboarding is one of the more popular modules in a HRMS due to the current trends of mass migration leading to a high rate of turnover. Bluetooth clock in/out was another popular module as many companies in the retail and hospitality industry famously struggle with the accuracy of clock in data, and through the live demonstration they were able to find out how the clock in modules can ensure employees clock in/out at the correct store location and prevent “buddy punching”. Attendees had reflected that the modules were user friendly, which played a role in making the workshop highly engaging.

The workshop was attended by a diverse group of professionals, including HR managers, as well as finance and accounting managers. The event was an excellent platform for networking and knowledge-sharing, and attendees had the opportunity to interact with industry experts and peers. It was exciting to see the positive feedback and interest in BridgeBuilder HRMS app and how it can help businesses of all sizes and industries.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Google for their hospitality, as attendees and our team were offered free snacks and a tour of their work environment at the end of the workshop.

Their office is filled with creative decorations. As you can see below, right at the entrance is “Google” spelled out using blue ropes and pins, and a mural of their brand along with things that highlight Hong Kong like the MTR sign, chopsticks, noodles etc.

Google also provided employees with a common area. They have various facilities like a pool table, bar counter, and a gym in order to cater to their employees’ different preferences. The takeaway from the tour is how a leading tech company like Google has created a culture of work-life balance and put employee well being at the forefront of their business strategy, which everyone can comment on how well it has worked out for them.

This workshop highlights that both BridgeBuilder HRMS and Google are committed to providing customers with innovative solutions to help them succeed in today's fast-paced and ever-changing business environment. Both companies are excited to continue to innovate and provide solutions that help businesses thrive.

If you missed the workshop, don't worry! You can still learn more about BridgeBuilderHRMS and our app by checking out the website or contact us directly. We are more than happy to provide a demo and answer any questions you may have.

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