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New Year HR Technology. Help you Start the Year Strong!

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

BridgeBuilder HRMS Seminar

We are glad that BridgeBuilder HRMS Seminar was held at LinkedIn Office Last Thursday. FlexSystem System Development Manager put a spotlight on payroll calculation, especially for the calculation of 12-month average wages.

Our latest version of reporting tool, which has cross-departmental functions, could be a helpful tool for the collaboration between of HR department and other departments.

We especially give thanks to our supporting companies,

LinkedIn and Canon HongKong.

LinkedIn did a great sharing of how to

use the online platform to do a

proactive recruitment. Reaching the passive candidate would be much easier than you thought!

Canon HongKong gave us a section talk about their brilliant tool for Document Management. We wish the tips of Canon HongKong can help your organization have a better solution for documents management.

Last but not least, we are happy to see our guest enjoy the office visit tour of LinkedIn, snack and networking time!



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