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‘Digitalization For Future Retail Success’ organized by IBM

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

We participated in an event ‘Digitalization For Future Retail Success’ organized by IBM in collaboration with tech-trans on the 20th June 2018 at W Hotel. Introducing some of our newly launched products targeting retail industry in easing your obstacles in daily operations.

We understand organizing attendance shifts and calculating payroll would be intractable when dealing with other administrative tasks at the same time. Our E-Attendance & Rostering is a thoughtful and convenient system which allows your attendance data and payroll-related calculation go spreadsheet free. Its smooth interface with various time attendance devices enabling you to orchestrate multiple shifts effectively and efficiently.

In assisting frontline staff in facilitating daily operations, BridgeBuilder iAdmin helps reducing compliance risk and enhancing administration effectiveness. By digitalizing HR data and implanted timely reminder for documents renewal.

For managing various data and generating business forecast for decision-making, our XBI Analytics is a cross-platform analytic tool allows you to merge, enrich and import diverse data effortlessly. Aiming at facilitating various data analysis and eliminating superfluous time for generating business forecast. Expedite your preparation for meetings, presentations and reports.

Alvin Liu from IBM China/Hong Kong Limited provided us with an inspiring sharing of advanced AI technology and how AI infrastructure can assist us in generating high-performance data.

Thank you IBM for providing us with the opportunity to present our products! Last but not least, we sincerely hope our provided solution can ease your problems in retail industry and facilitate your daily operations!



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