Personal Loan System

Lending easier. Be a smart loan lender.
Optimize the scalability & performance of loan industry

A one-stop solution to facilitate the operation process of personal loan. It helps to take the personal loan application, to underwrite the loan, to make approval of applications and to keep the full record of debt collection in a single place. Easy tracking for loan activities, proceed with the loan calculations automatically in the most cost-effective way possible.

Oversee all the applications

You can check the status of all receiving applications for better administration, such as filtering the pending applications for follow up. This high transparency practice enables the management to closely monitor the operation whenever as well as improve the loan administration process.

To make the attentive credit checking  


All latest TU details, such as Bankruptcy, Personal Loan Risk Score will retrieve with a single click. All TU details display on the judgment page, where also show the auto-calculated result of the repayment schedule, and this page design is especially helpful for the approver to do the last judge. Also, the monthly TUDF report can be exported and shared with TransUnion.

Never miss the small details

The most ideal approach to prevent bad debts happenings is to do a comprehensive judgment. Every time a new application is received, automatic scanning features would scan past applications. On the off chance that any subtle information is identical with different applicant (e.g. IP address, contact number and referee), the system will highlight the identical field to alert approver of this suspicious application.

To speed up your repayment process


We work closely with banking partner and provider for developing the interface file. You can view repayment history and schedule in a single place via uploading interface file. Lead you easier to follow up with the outstanding cases and perform day to day repayment management at your ease.  

It is always better to be early than late.


Remind customer the repayment date and amount ahead of time. Blasting out the bulk SMS with repayment details to the specific group of customer, it fosters the repayment process in a time-saving way.

Save your resources to perform more 


The customer portal is available for customers to check their remaining loan, tenor, repayment date and monthly amount. It enhances the customer self-service, and your staff can more focus on handling loan application and repayment. 

More Features
  • Automatically calculate the interest, tenor, repayment amounts.

Quick calculation

  • Generate full suite of Loan Confirmation at the click of a button.

Letter generation

  • Crucial Report templates for Accrual, Repayment and Drawdown are ready.

Report and Analysis 

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