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Interface with Global HCM

Enhance Group HR Management to facilitate a complete HR Management Structure

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Transfer the HR Data Automatically and Accurately

BBHRMS helps you to establish a complete HR network for your business worldwide, connect with the global HR system to synchronize all the HR data and transfer the data without leakage The HR data could be inter-transferred between BBHRMS and global HR systems such as SAP and Oracle with specific access control based on the setting. It reduces the possibility of human error due to manual data entry and handling, saves effort to cross-check HR data between numerous HR systems and ensures the accuracy and privacy of the data.

Support You with the Foreseeable Future

BBHRMS provides you with the extensibility that helps you to further furnish your business. The interfacing eliminates the headache of dealing with the HR data during different stages of business growth. Apart from managing your regional HR services, interfacing with global HCM allows you to expand the areas of HR management. To integrate the HR data automatically. To facilitate the HR management network for future business development.


Professionals with Rich Experiences

Our project team has helped numerous clients in interfacing different global HCMs with clients’ various requirements and gained lots of valuable experiences. With these experiences, we can provide professional consultation on how to implement the interfacing, study your case specifically and thoroughly and remind you of the detail which you have to place special attention. Our experiences and knowledge of interfacing from BBHRMS assure the successful interface implementation.

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