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Digitize your Human Resources service in a best way

With BridgeBuilder Human Resource Management System you can

Automate repetitive HR tasks

Automation of payroll, attendance, leave is not only time-saving, but also prevent data duplication and improve record accuracy.

Save time with employee portal

Rather than waiting HR response, employee could update their personal information, apply expense claim online, submit leave application, look up payslip and leave balance, etc.

Secure employees’ data

Data encryption makes your employee's data being protected against outside threats and access control makes it inaccessible to unauthorized users.

Get on-demand report

Whatever the employment data by business unit, location or class, you may customize the report based on your needs by your own.

Comply with legislation

Full compliance with Hong Kong labour legislation such as 713 & 418 ordinances prevents risk and fixes the mistake proactively from the past by retroactive checking.

Work remotely

HR may require to work from home under pandemic. This cloud system enables them to access the database thru network and take care of the HR service at home.

Get the right HRMS that fits you

Upgrade you HR services with these key features


Our payroll engine will calculate the precise amount of salary for each and every employee.

The complications of RSE and 418 ordinance will be solved and presented to management levels in a clear and consistent manner.

In addition, the deliveries of e-Payslips and e-Tax forms are fully automated and are also available for workers to download on the e-platform, facilitating the access to these documents for both employers and employees. 


Our system’s attendance tracker proactively reports to management levels on the attendance record of staff members.

Unintended violations of the 418 ordinance concerning part-time labour are commonly observed from small and big enterprises alike. These risks will be minimized via system detection and notifications before the situation comes close to violation.

The digitized records also effectively decrease the amount of duty and leave application conflict, as possible human errors in manual cross-checking is minimized. 

Roster Planning

Manual error in roster planning is often possible beginnings to conflicting schedules.  Incorporating the attendance and leave management modules above, that possibility will be significantly reduced. Managing one’s labour allocation becomes much easier to handle and is carried out in a much more efficient manner.    

Furthermore, a holistic view will be provided for  developing better HR tactics.

Leave Management

The leave management system is entirely self-customizable to adapt to the client’s company’s holiday policy. The mobile application allows management levels to sort out leave requests on the go, making the approval procedure more flexible for management levels and more transparent for employees. Furthermore, a holistic view will be provided for  developing better HR tactics. 

Employee Self Service

A platform for employees to access for common inquiries and record confirmation. A portal where they can log in anywhere, anytime. The ease of access facilitates workers in the reconfirmation of information commonly and frequently questioned.Thus the manpower previously required to answer such inquiries  could now be re-allocated for other tasks.

Other Hightlights


Rather than waiting HR response, employee could update their personal information, apply expense claim online, submit leave application, look up payslip and leave balance, etc.

Mobile Punch

Even though employees are working from home or in shop, they can punch in and out by their mobile with GPS tracking to make sure they are located in preferred location.

Worry-Free Implementation

We take good care of your experience so we provides site visit, data migration, parallel run to smooth the software implementation. We got 100% completion rate and it could be done as fast as 3 months.

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Rico Cheng
Louis Vuitton’s head of HRIS, North Asia.

The level of resilience & professionalism that FlexSystem project team reinforces the message that LV has selected the correct payroll vendor.

Winnie Tam

Hotel Icon’s Assistant Director of Human Capital

The services provided are efficient and the team has been trying hard to support our daily operations with continuous system enhancement and technical support. We appreciate the excellent service so much.

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