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Enterprise's choice of Financial Management Solution - FlexAccount x D-Biz Programme


Free Webinar | Best Practice of Financial Management to uncharted crisis


Businesses all over the world can really feel the heat that COVID-19 brought out. 

Going online becomes the first thing to do in order to keep the business going and growing. A study found out over 80% of organizations are predicted to migrate toward cloud services by 2025 (Computerworld UK). Cloud solution is one of your best pick for a better operation and management. 


Finance leaders and owners play the key role to keep business financially healthy and foreseeably running. A cloud accounting solution maximizes the productivity. FlexAccount, pursues an excellent All-in-one accounting process from data entry to financial report, with a cloud-based analysis tool, which made for the professionals like you. 


Join this webinar, we will highlight the best practice of quality financial management system to adapting quickly to foreseen challenges, 

  • An Integrated accounting system for easily manage the complex financial transaction in various levels

  • A comprehensive reporting tool for an error-free and efficient financial analysis in both regular or ad-hoc basis and general or in-depth analysis

  • How the Real-time financial management reporting tool maximizes the productivity for management analysis purpose


Details of Webinar:

  • Date: 9th June, 2020, Tuesday

  • Time: 4:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.

  • Platform: BigMarker

Who should join?

  • CFOs, FCs

  • Finance leaders

  • Senior Accountants


FlexSystem - System as well as Business Solution 

FlexSystem, the one of the biggest enterprise solutions in Asia Pacific, established since 1987. 

Over 30 years in Hong Kong providing professional enterprise solutions, over 20% of the Top 100 Global companies choose FlexAccount. What we aim to bring to our clients is the integrated platform which can achieve from an accurate database to a productive business management. 

D-Biz Programme, time for digital transformation

The newly launched government fund, Distance Business Programme, is now available for applications. The up to HK$300k funding programme provides financial support for Hong Kong enterprises to get through the tough time during pandemic. Encouraging remote working practice and keeping your business continuously running is the short-term as well as the long-term planning. 


Join our webinar for more practical tactics and details for your business’s transformation!

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