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HR manager using an iPad to check her employees' monthly expenses claim on the go

Human Resources Management System 

Expense Claim Module

A Easy-to-Use Platform for Managing Your Claim at Once!

A user-friendly interface for employees to enter their monthly claim items anytime, anywhere.

Both manager and employee enjoy an one-stop platform for updating claims with approval in real time. 

A paperless expense claim process directly links to payroll system for integrated automation.

Laptop screen showing expense claim in BBHRMS web client

Claim Expenses on Computer or Mobile Device Anytime, Anywhere

  • Input of claims can be tagged with client codes and project codes, effective management of claims and facilitate cost center’s calculation and analysis

  • Upload attachments of receipt any desired time, no worries for misplacement of documents

Incorporated to HRMS System, Integrated Information in Hand

  • Employee’s expense claims no longer require paper documents nor third party claim systems, with BBHRMS ESS you could now manage expense claim, leave application, Attendance, payroll detail in one platform.

  • Reimbursement can be made via payroll, and are isolated from factors such as MPF, Tax and ADW

Laptop screen showing BBHRMS web client with a complete set of modules, making it an integrated HR platform for businesses
Laptop screen that shows timeline of 3 approval levels, promotes a transparent approval process for employees

Preset Approval Flow, No More Delays

  • Approvers will be notified employees’ expense claims on the same platform, thus able to view all records in one glance 

  • Employees can review the claim’s approval status anywhere, anytime

Setting Claim Limits, Eliminating Unqualified Claim Items

  • Claim limits could be configured, including maximum amount in monetary and quantity terms, efficiency in budget controlling

  • Employees can check their previous records of claims, aiding their control in future expense claims

Laptop screen shows expenses the can be claimed for the month. Helps company control their spending
Laptop screen showing overview of total expenses for each type of expense for each month, including trend analysis, automating reporting process for HR

Dashboards of Claim Categories and Claim Total 

  • The expense analysis can be viewed in the dashboard by category, department or team, and trend line

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