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D-Biz Programme 

​(遙距營商計劃 ) [Updated as on 18th May]

Transform to the New Business Model of Remote Business
Get your company ready, Plug and Go NOW!

On 19 April 2020,  the Innovation and Technology Bureau announced the launch of D-Biz Scheme under the second round of the Anti-epidemic Fund, which is a one-off subsidy scheme designed for enterprise to develop remote business. As a ON-LISTED SOLUTION PROVIDER, Once you are ready with your proposal, We can help you to get the funding IMMEDIATELY and implement the project RAPIDLY!! This scheme alleviates the economic burden of adopting new business model and helps company to pass through this difficult time. 

Each proposed project is limited to HKD$100,000 and the maximum subsidy for a company in total will be HKD$300,000. This application period will be started at 18th May 2020 with a limited amount of application. ACT NOW!!

Reference code

Funding Application (Updated as on 18th May): 

  • Application period: 9 a.m. on 18th May to 6 p.m. on 31st October, 2020

  • Each enterprise can submit One funding application.

  • Enterprise should submit Two written price quotations with detailed description.

  • The procurement contract should, unless otherwise justified by the applicant and agreed by the Government or the Secretariat, be awarded to the Service Provider submitting the lowest conforming price quotation.

  • For subscription based service, there is no minimum number of quotations for purchase.

  • Every quotation has to attach the signed "Probity and non-collusive/ tendering certificate".

The Frequently Asked Questions (Updated as on 18th May) 

Why choosing BridgeBuilder to be your solution provider?


Your Service Provider

Reference no.: SP-379-722
We are READY to help

IMMEDIATELY once your proposal is ready!


plug and go.png

Plug and Ready to Go!!

With us, you can IMMEDIATELY get the fund.

We will install our system RAPIDLY for you!


Quality Cloud Solutions 

All our cloud solutions are eligible for applying the D-Biz Scheme! We have different series to fulfill your business need

BridgeBuilder provides the below solutions which are applicable of D-Biz Scheme

We provide different packages to suit your need


Package 1:

Document Management Solution 


  • Our unique Document Management System

  • Easily handling all documents with high security design  

  • Home Office Essential (1).png

Package 2:

Employee Self Service


  • Our premium HRMS Cloud providing ESS service, such as E-leave and E-attendance

  • A MUST-HAVE for HR to work remotely with convienence 


Package 3:

Cloud Accounting 


  • Our Upgraded FlexAccount FMS Cloud 

  • A Notebook

  • Handling all accounting functions remotely

Using D-Biz Scheme For...

Home Office Series
Consulting Service 

Consultation service for selecting the appropriate software for remote business development

System Training

Train up employee for using the management software adopted by the company 

The Procedure of Applying D-Biz Scheme 
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