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HR Guide to Responding Employee's Testing and Quarantine


With BridgeBuilder Human Resource Management System you can


Integrated Design

Integrated design of payroll , attendance, leave unify the data and provide a single source of truth.


Save time with employee portal

Rather than waiting for an HR response, employees could update their personal information, apply expense claims online, submit leave applications, look up payslip and leave balance, etc.


Secure employees’ data

Data encryption protects your employee's data against outside threats and access control makes it inaccessible to unauthorized users.


Get on-demand report

Pivot table allows you to analyse your organizations demographics info, making trend analysis, cost allocation analysis.


Comply with legislation

Full compliance with Hong Kong labour ordinance avoids breaking the laws.


Work remotely

HR may be required to work from home under a pandemic. HR could access the system via cloud securely.

Get the right HRMS that fits you

Upgrade your HR services with these key features



We support full-time, part-time, contract employees with fixed, daily, hourly salary calculations. 


The local ordinances such as RSE, 418, minimum wage, rental reimbursement can be managed with flexible settings. 


With the discrepancy report, you could easily check against your actual and budget spending.


Handling attendance and roster will be a nightmare, but now you can make everything in one single platform. 

Integrating with time clock devices let you check abnormal in/out records, overtime, special allowance and monitor the working hours of part time to comply with 418 ordinance.


Leave Management

The leave management system is entirely self-configurable to adapt to your company’s leave policy. 

With the Employee Self Service Platform, managers can now approve the leave application via mobile, and view the teams’ workforce calendar on the go. 

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Still handling frequent employee enquiry? The mobile friendly ESS allows your employees to check their payslip, taxation form, leave, attendance anywhere and anytime. 
What’s more? They could manage expense claims in one go.


Regional Ordinances

It's hard to comply with different ordinances for multi-regional employees? We support the ordinances of PRC, Macau and Taiwan, now you could manage employees at different locations with just one single system.

Other Hightlights



Data Security is always our top priority. The proprietary database and industry encryption standard keeps you from cyber risk.

Screenshot PM-23.png

Guaranteed Ordinance Compliance

Our R&D team keeps track of the most up-to-date ordinance changes and applies them to the system. You will never lag behind the legislation.


Hassle-free Implementation

Implementation may be a new and long journey. We make our customers enjoy the trip by providing continuous guidelines. Bon voyage!

Trusted by many customers

Head of HRIS, North Asia
Louis Vuitton, Rico Cheng

The level of resilience & professionalism that FlexSystem project team reinforces the message that LV has selected the correct payroll vendor.

Assistant Director of Human Capital
Hotel Icon, Winnie Tam

The services provided are efficient and the team has been trying hard to support our daily operations with continuous system enhancement and technical support. We appreciate the excellent service so much.

Team Meeting

On a tight budget? No worries!
It is covered by Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

Claim up to $600,000

Maximum 75 % of
approved total project cost.

Eligible to listed company in HK

Subsidiaries of listed enterprises are eligible.

Cover hardware and software

They should related to the project.

Update on 14 August 2020
Related entities are no longer treated as one single entity for the purpose of calculating the cumulative funding amount under the TVP.  

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