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FlexSystem & BridgeBuilder 於12月23日平安夜前夕舉辦了 Christmas Movie Night, 邀請客戶一齊觀賞電影《蜘蛛俠:不戰無歸》。

​FlexSystem & BridgeBuilder 聖誕電影之夜活動花絮


FlexSystem & BridgeBuilder 於12月23日舉辦Movie Night,邀請客戶觀賞《蜘蛛俠:不戰無歸》,與客戶一同迎接疫境下的聖誕節。看到不少客戶帶同親友、小朋友一同出席觀賞,讓我們在這個節日中倍感溫暖。



FlexSystem & BridgeBuilder 與大家在2022年再見, Merry Christmas & Happy Year!


FlexSystem & BridgeBuilder Christmas Movie Night Highlight

In 2021, the pandemic has been continuing to affect everyone’s lives. Although it is not an easy year, FlexSystem & BridgeBuilder are glad to have your support. 


To show our heartfelt gratitude, FlexSystem & BridgeBuilder held a Movie Night on December 23rd, inviting clients to watch “Spider-Man: No Way Home” together. 

Not only do we like to say thank you and spend an unforgettable night together, but we also want to give everyone courage and positive thinking through this story.

We are also very happy to see many customers bringing friends and children to the event. As always, your smile is our motivation.

In the upcoming year of 2022, we hope the epidemic will ease and economic activity can be resumed.

Once again, thank you for your participation! FlexSystem & BridgeBuilder will see you all in 2022, Merry Christmas & Happy New year!

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