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Free Webinar: Business Survival Financial Management 


This Webinar is for you

To deal with the impacts brought by COVID-19, most companies are finding methods to maintain their cash flow and alleviating them from suffering. Still using the normal financial practice at the moment? It may not address the problem which companies should focus on now! We are all determined to overcome the difficult situation but How and Where to begin?

Do you hear of 13 weeks Rolling Forecast before? With it, we can acknowledge the latest performance of our company’s financial perspective. If the company does not know their cash flow at the moment, it may result in an overall financial difficulty of the company and may even lead to business closure. Therefore, you should know more about how to manage short term cash flow wisely and find out all the cash pockets of your company!!


 Mark the Day:

 English Session: 2 June 2020 Tuesday 4pm (Around 45mins)

 Chinese Session: 3 June 2020 Wednesday 4pm (Around 45mins)


13 weeks Rolling Forecast should be a compulsory knowledge that every finance professional should know! If not, Hesitate NO MORE and you should join our webinar to know more about it!!


If you know what 13 weeks rolling forecast is and doing it at the moment already, Congratulations!! You are correct on the first step!! But do you know how to do it more efficiently and accurately? Why short-term liquidity is really important for the company? Because it not only helps the company to know whether they could pay the payroll of this month but also assists the company to pass through this difficult time.

The Speaker

Andrew Koo, a 20 years-experience CPA leader who has been expertised in company restructuring experiences for over 10 years, and understand the market trend for the financial contingency plan! He manages the China market of one of the Big Four  company and has advised cross-border restructuring cases with Chinese stakeholders in Europe, the US, South America and Australia. He will share his unique insights and experiences gained from helping numerous companies in the past to you. 


Know More What Others are Doing at the moment and Prepare for Yourself!  Also, you will explore a simple tool that could be implemented quickly so that you could make decisive actions immediately!


By attending this webinar, you will learn about:

· What is the Market Doing for Financial Contingency Plan?

· What is the Significance of doing 13 Weeks Rolling Forecast and How to Start with? 

· How to do Short Term Cash Flow Forecast Efficiently and Accurately with a Simple Tool?


 Who should sign up:

· COOs, CEOs, CFOs, FCs

· Finance Leaders

· Senior Accountants


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