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Over the past few years, the local economy has been hit hard by not only the outbreak of COVID-19, but also social movements and immigration waves. The series of incidents has imposed overwhelming pressure and unprecedented challenges on HR management, it’s not hard to foresee the termination of problem employees who may exploit legal loopholes under economic downturn and social uncertainty will be the next.

MORE Challenges come with MORE Solution
To nip such difficult and tricky situations with the problem employees in the bud, FlexSystem held the HR Gathering "MORE: Legal, HR, Tech" on 1 September 2022 (Thu) to let you better prepare for the future workplace.

Highlights of the Gathering:

  1. In recent years, some employees might even take advantage of the grey areas in the statutory laws and the statutory protection to put employers in difficult situation. This seminar will be referring to the latest and the landmark court cases which in relation to these issues, guide employers make suitable planning to terminate such employees legally and increase the chances of employers winning in potential lawsuits. – by Raymond Fung, Principal Consultant, Strategic Consulting Ltd.

  2. HR and Tech reshaping the way HR work and our workplace, learn about the security on Cloud, Mobile App & Interactive dashboard – by Stephen Lam, Associated Product Director, FlexSystem

  3. Meet your HR counterparts for MORE industry exchange 

  4. Lunch at one of the most popular restaurant in town The Market @ Hotel ICON



Raymond Fung
Principal Consultant, Strategic Consulting Limited 


Raymond Fung has implemented various human resources management projects for over 270 US, European and Mainland corporate clients in the past 22 years. He has assisted clients in handling a large number of human resources disputes and litigations with their legal teams in the Labour Tribunal, District Court and High Court, supported by his deep understanding of the law concerning human resources. 

Raymond has conducted over 270 public seminars on human resources related laws in the past 22 years. He has taught in many enterprises, local and overseas universities, tertiary institutions and professional organizations. He has trained more than 80,000 managerial staff and professionals, and is a three-time winner of the Award for Excellence in Training and Development. 

Stephen Lam

Associate Director (Project Development), FlexSystem Limited

Stephen Lam is the Associate Director and leading the digital transformation of HR industry for almost 15 years. He is expereinced in project development that brings customer ideas, domain knowledge and the latest technology to life. He has completed more than 100 projects to develop long term strategies of HRMS that keep customer's business flexible enough to achieve continuous development.


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