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Hong Kong’s Premier Attendance Management Solution

When you’re running a business, it’s important that you pay attention to the rate of absence amongst employees. This can turn into a critical issue if not resolved properly, which is why HRMS has developed an attendance management system that Hong Kong businesses can thrive from. Our process puts your company at a distinct advantage with its streamlined service specifically designed to improve the functions of HR employees and your company overall.

Efficient and effective systems

With our attendance management system, we aim for your HK business to go from good to great. Our belief is that these systems help to motivate and connect your employees with their work, their colleagues and the company overall.

With our attendance solution, the main aim is to encourage all employees to be reliable in their presence at work. Without a proper guideline for these rules, workplace efficiency can fall by the wayside as more and more people take time off work for various reasons.

Here are a few of the strategies we use in our system:

    • A clear procedure in place for reporting absences.
    • Compiling data based on the number of days employees are absent.
    • A method or process for dealing with employees who have unsatisfactory attendance rates.
    • Committing to ‘return to work’ interviews to encourage clear pathways of communication between you and your HK


These processes ultimately aim to improve the workflow of your employees by setting clear rules for absent periods and consequences for when those periods are breached. This is very important to the overall performance of a healthy business, as it can cost valuable time and money if everyone is not working to their full potential.

Improve your HK business

Our system is the most reliable option when it comes to managing the attendance of your employees. Make an enquiry via our website or call us today on (852) 3798 4401.

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