Reduced Administrative Costs

The Business Portal’s Human Resources Management Self Service Suite will enable your employees, managers, and payroll clerks, rather than Admin, to complete their tasks online saving time, as well as saving your company expenses.

Increased Staff Productivity

Employees have their own duties to perform and by implementing an HR portal you minimize the time employees will spend on any underlying secondary tasks. You know, those time consuming tasks of tracking down and searching for information that might relate to enrolment deadlines for the next leadership training class, or simply trying to figure out how much vacation time is left. By creating an HR portal this information is at your employees’ fingertips, so that they can complete these and quickly return to focus on their main tasks.

Increased Information Accessibility

Frees up HR from basic administrative tasks. For example, employees will be able to find HR-related information themselves, without making a phone call to the HR department.

Flexible Access enables Collaboration

Flexible and easy access via computer, smartphone or tablet, from any location and at any time, empowers users to engage with the system and therefore encourages collaboration.

Helps in Efficient and Effective Management

Enabling manager’s access to the Portal for decision approval is key to ensuring compliance with policies and ensuring that they are fully aware of progress or perhaps the lack of it. You will put the right information into the hands of your decision makers; for example, managers can review their employees’ performance and compensation history with just a few clicks or your HR team leaders can perform queries on employee’s records and quickly find the information that they need to make decisions and set goals.

Integration with the BridgeBuilder HRMS Core System

The Portal is able to connect with any HR system, whether that be our own BridgeBuilder or a third party system. If connecting to BridgeBuilder, a user might be accessing our E-Leave application function from the portal. Conversely if you are using a third party system the user would be using the E-Leave self-service function in the portal for direct connection to calendars as well as allowing for direct logins for leave application processing.

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