Driving Actions

Using the Portal both staff and management are able, via self-service applications, to increase administrative efficiency, with their on-line ability to check leave balances, perform leave applications, add expense claims or even download the latest policy information. Instead of relying on traditional announcements posted on the pantry wall, the staff portal can now be accessed, anywhere or anytime through web or mobile, with the added inclusion of a “Suggestion Box” that can be enacted upon by management.

This central source of information offers an efficient and cost-effective way for HR departments to disseminate information whether it’s company policies, training topics, employee assistance programs, or activities & events.


The HR Portal allows the HR team to increase productivity throughout the organization by reducing their day to day workloads, thereby allowing them to spend less time on process and more time on management.


The HR Portal, through its ability to allow employees to have universal web access to HR services, dramatically changes the practice of HR management as it allows for constant and comprehensive two way access between staff at any time.


The HR Portal should create a valuable and interactive repeat experience for users rather than only providing a static and non-engaging notice board. In general, many employees are not actively able to participate in updating or receiving corporate news or information while away from the office which makes timely communication an issue. To increase a sense of belonging for employees, our portal expands on the idea of easily delivering or removing HR information to keep employees fully engaged. For example, the added value functions like the Photo and Movie Gallery, and also the suggestion Box all go towards improving the corporate collaborative spirit.

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