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Successful Case of BridgeBuilder and Hotel ICON

Innovative HRMS for Passionate Pioneering Hotelier. Hotel ICON, opened in 2011, is a teaching and research hotel built for the School of Hotel and Tourism Management by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It is the world’s first hotel to offer the hospitality program for education and research. Hotel ICON was awarded the “Best New Hotel in Hong Kong” by TTG China, in addition to 11 other awards it received since its establishment. As Hotel ICON served two purposes, it required a core and extendable Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that could fulfill both the business and an educational needs.
Impact Highlight
The Hotel ICON required a core and extendable Human Resource
The Challenge
Limited Time, Fast Implementation – The major challenges were to have payroll and other HRMS modules running smoothly, prior to the grand opening. An effective HR system had to be set up and running within 6 months, which is less than 50 % of the time required to accomplish such projects.
Diverse Team with young and inexperienced team member – was composed of HRs, senior executives and students with less previous experience. As all processes and procedures developed and refined from the ground up, the users had to learn everything regarding technology and regulations and adopt new procedures in a short period of time.
Crashing on Recruitment and Implementation Schedule – Recruitment and system implementation took place at the same time. The HR department recruited 300 full-time staff members that needed to start working immediately. This meant payroll need to be ready at once. However, we just got limited time on that.
Tracking HR Data – FlexHRMS featured an e-recruitment module that was particularly helpful to new companies. The system kept track of the interview record and score of every individual candidate. The information of the successful candidates will then be automatically updated to the system becoming personal records after approval. This process made the recruitment process much easier.
Proactive Project Management – With the continuous changes in Employment Ordinance, constant updates of the system are essential to keeping up with rapid-changing business environment. Besides, dynamic prototyping facilitated internal HR policy changes.
“The staff of FlexSystem is incredible. They are prompt in responding to our requests and deliver quick and efficient services whenever we need them. And they are truly flexible and innovation in what they do,” Judy Hou, Director of Human Capital of Hotel ICON, says.
The Benefits
Time Saved and Costs Reduced – The project was completed on-time and on-budget. As the Hotel was newly set up, part of the system function area needed to be fine-tuned. The system was put through an interactive prototyping and proof of concept approach. These prototypes allowed users to play with a simulated system that allowed real processes to be fine-tuned and more importantly, practical in approach.Automation and Engagement
The system’s automation capability enabled the users to save time in the recruitment process. “When functional and mundane duties are replaced by an automated system, human resources personnel will have more time to handle issues that require personal attention; it motivated them to move out from behind the desk and have more interaction with staff and attend to their personal needs,” Hou says. “It has reduced work time by 20-30 percent, equivalent to about one-third of a payroll officer’s job.” Not only did it provide a state-of-the-art solution but also increases autonomy for staff and thus enhances staff engagement. The new Hotel ICON employees were comprised of both Gen Y and the senior manager. The system facilitates the project completion progress and further HR workload through ESS.
Security Setting – “Another advantage of the automated payroll system is security. The data of each staff member is stored away safely into the system and backed up to prevent possible loss of data,” Judy adds. Security was the most concerning issue since there were existing staff and continuous hired staff in the Hotel. The HR system enabled the staff to handle different sources of data with confidentiality. All the in-and-out data were fully encrypted and safe so that confidential information stayed protected.
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