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FESA Property is a comprehensive management system dedicated to property management industry. This industry-specific solution is developed by FlexSystem’s decade of experience that property providers are easy to obtain the information with what they need, when they need it. You do not have to worry the property and leasing information will be missing since it helps you to keep track of the property asset status, ownership information and tenancy situation. In additions, the powerful billing capabilities can automate the billing process according to specific structure or practices with ease.



1.Significantly minimize processing time and prevent error in such complex environment

2.Improve your responsiveness to customer enquiry by the full detailed property leasing information

3.Automate all the billing processes

4.In-depth analysis on occupancy and rental trend


1.Detailed property information pool

2.Monitoring ownership situation

3.Rent and rate handling

4.Occupancy analysis

5.Rental trend analysis

6.Fully automatic rental billing process in different billing cycles

7.Manage ad hoc billing items, for example management fee, utility usage, repair cost etc.

8.Revenue recognition

9.Turnover rate handling

10.Reimbursement handling

11.Interest calculation

12.Comprehensive inquiry functions

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