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With ultra-fast processing of large volumes of data, an APP store of pre-built templates for complex tasks, our DBPM will add significant value in streamlining your management accounting processes and improving productivity throughout your organization.  With the concept of Virtual Assistants, actionable alerts or workflows can be generated to give contextual information and / or further workflows. The system also allows for stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders to launch cost effective pre-defined contextual workflows. For more detail, please visit our FlexSystem LedgerBase page.

The Ledger Base System is typical uses for:
1.Automation of Processes
2.Sales Commissions
3.Consolidations and Segmental Reporting
4.Budgets and Forecasts
5.Inventory Management
6.Loan Management
7.Liability Management
8.Project Management
9.Risk Management Reporting for Sizable Loan Portfolios with Diverse Loan Tenors



1.End-user Driven

2.Full or partial automation of processes to “one click” by end-user

3.Uses pre-authenticated email so scalable and cost effective

4.Complex reporting that takes seconds and which is practical and intuitive

5.Pre-built templates handle challenging and time consuming accounting tasks and can create all journals

6.Creates workflows for internal / external stakeholders using “pre authenticated ” email

7.Automation of Financial Close Workflows

8.Interactive Budget Planning and Forecasts with version control and audit ability

9.Business Modeling with Simulation, very practical as fast

10.Continuous Auditing and Monitoring

11.Complex Allocations


1.Deliver important information to the right people at the right time

2.Efficient computer processing requiring a small level of computing resource

3.Document / Contract Management. Automates journal entries

4.On-Line, off line capability

5.Distributed and Centralized Processing

6.Designed for Audit ability

7.Reporting – Any Segmental Analysis or Aggregations

8.Reporting – Contextual Alerts capability

9.Recording – Deals with Issues Associated with Versioning

10.Recording – Deals with Eliminations and Reconciliations

11.Recording – Deals with Standardization of data


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