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Instead of going through time-consuming and laborious counting of assets, why not take a smart move to an all-in-one fixed assets management solution? FESA Fixed Asset is specially designed for an effective and accurate control on assets. You will be given a full picture of each asset that tracks the location, quantity, and condition and depreciation status with ease.



1.Smooth entry, tracking and disposal processes release assets management workload

2.Accurate forecast of asset, from initial acquisition to disposal, including gain or loss thereof

3.Flexible calculation of depreciation supports all depreciation methods in different types of business

4.Asset hierarchy structure is easy to set and maintain complete data record of any assets with pre-defined levels

5.Quick access to the information you need

6.Facilitate Internet of Things (IOT)


1.Full history of asset activities

2.Flexible depreciation method

3.User definable hierarchies

4.Comprehensive tracking function

5.Massive transactions handling

6.Dozens of reports

7.Effective audit control

8.Ability to attach instruction manuals and photos

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