BBHR Web icon_21 Sep 2015_08-Financial Management System Financial Management System

Built by Flexsystem over 20 years ago and which is the most popular accounting software application with its user-friendly and practical functions. With various industries making use of FlexAccount to effectively manage their financial and accounting processes day by day.

Now, you are introduced to our new release of FlexAccount, i.e. FESA Financial, to bring you better user experience and more possibilities for realizing best practice in financial management. Enhanced functions include extendable analysis dimension, electronic bank reconciliation, consolidation handling, budget planning etc. With FESA Financial, you are empowered to confidently manage the complex finances and remain compliant with government regulations, such as GAAP, IFRS.



1.Preserve FlexAccount heritage to improve accounting process efficiency

2.Tailor for financial executives and professions to tackle different financial situations

3.Leverage new technologies to enjoy unexpected possibilities

4.Achieve collaboration and well-informed decision to drive faster adoption to market changes


1.Integrated Ledger

2.Multi-company, currency, open period, unlimited fiscal year

3.Powerful Analysis Capabilities

4.User-defined Allocation Rule

5.Intuitive Screen Editor

6.Complete Audit Trial

7.Comprehensive Security Control

8.Budget Management

9.Billing & Collection Automation

10.Payment Automation

11.Powerful Consolidation

12.Cash Management

13.Electronic Bank Reconciliation

14.Streamline Payment Approval

15.Useful Alert Reminder

16.Built-in Dashboard

17.Intuitive Screen Editor

18.Document Management

19.User Group Networking

20.Message Broadcast

21.Individual / Group Calendar

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