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Successful Case of BridgeBuilder and Rentokil Initial

A New System Matches Business Growth.

Impact Highlights

• Adaptation of HR System
• Proactive services builds trust
• Synchronization as a long term gain


Rentokil Initial’s headquarter is in the United Kingdom with over 80,000 employees in over 60 countries. Its Asian head office is in Singapore. Rentokil Initial Hong Kong was established in 1964 and its HR director oversees Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan branches. Before BridgeBuilder HRMS, Rentokil Initial Hong Kong used the traditional HR system for years. The system provided basic functions for HR operations. While the Hong Kong government keeps changing the Labour Legislation, the HR director found that the old HR system became inadequate to keep up with the new changes, such as Relevant Statutory Entitlements (RSE) calculation and reporting tools. Management wanted to improve the operation in Taiwan and with HRMS, they were able to receive local support from our Taiwan team.

The Challenges

Existing system hinder the Business Growth– Rentokil Initial Hong Kong’s old system only provided the basic functions, such as making payrolls. Management looked for better HRMS to handle latest legislation & prepare analytic HR reporting e.g. turnover report.
The Extension of HR system in Taiwan– Management wanted to include the Taiwan candidate in the project as it was under the Hong Kong HR Director’s supervision. A synchronized system for both regions. The aim was to have quality data and having the system rules match up with the Taiwan regulations.
Tight schedule in the Implementation Stage– Due to the heavy workload of HR department. The implementation scheduled has to be tighted and accurate.

The Solutions

A New comprehensive and extendable HRMS System– As a replacement, BridgeBuilder HRMS is more comprehensive. Some of the new functions did not exist in the past HR system. In the starting stage, the implementation team had to find out which parts were missing and resolve them one by one. The process included comparing each field of data and tidied them one by one. The replacement involved a lot of work, but in the long run it was worthwhile as it was less costly and time consuming.
Localization– Even though the business environment of Hong Kong and Taiwan share some similarities, the difference between both system settings are quit large in terms of Employment Ordinance and policy. Before the setting up of the Taiwan module, the implementation team conducted the research extensively because it was like building another version from scratch, rather than adapting the original version.
To be Proactive– during the testing process, the implementation team would wait and answer whenever the client has any question. Yet, this time the team actively communicated with the client every day, assisting them whenever necessary. Communication ensures that the project process is on schedule. It allows the client to know that if they are ever in doubt and required support, especially when they have to learn something new and unfamiliar, the team is always there to help.

The Benefits

Compliance with Legislation– In the implementation process, the team realized that some of the employees were unaware that they had not completed their tax return forms. According to the Macau employment regulations, for residents and non-residents with a working permit, tax payment is made quarterly (15 January, 15 April, 15 July, and 15 October) by the employer. For expatriate employees, a tax return is filed monthly, 15 days after receiving the remunerations. The Macau office has fewer than 30 staff members, and most of their salaries do not exceed the tax cap. Most of the staff thought that they did not need to pay tax. When in fact, all Macau employees have to pay taxes every month. The HR Director was reminded of this, but if they were not told, they would have to pay a penalty. In order to assure that this will not occur next time, a comprehensive HR system that could reduce the chance of violating the law was necessary.
Building Trust and Confidence– Due to FlexSystem’s experience and expertise, the HR Director was confident that by choosing FlexSystem, the changes would be in good hands. The HR Director had some previous experiences with using FlexSystem’s products and believes the brand is trustworthy. The trust is more than technological advantage, it is also about the services and support. The team helped the HR group to overcome their worries with using a new product and even taught the clients how to use the product. This helped to build a strong sales and client relationship.
Synchronization– The project goal is to make a dual location system that could be used in Hong Kong, Macau, and even Taiwan. It saves time and costs in the long run and allows the HR Director to operate efficiently in three Asian regions. Making of Taiwan module is the reason why they chose FlexSystem. Rentokil Initial wants to have a common platform with the same language and procedure so that the local supporting staff could communicate much easier.

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