Designed for Current Today’s Working Environment

In information age, working environment has changed and we need a updated HR system to keep pace with external changes. Emerging technology has also been a changing force of human resource management system. BridgeBuilder, a new generation HRMS, is flexible and configurable to fit into changing working environment.

BridgeBuilder HRMS, a feature-rich HR solution, was designed to help you manage your workforces with ease and precision. Thus, create a more efficient environment and retain happier staff.

Intelligence behind a Handy Tool

BridgeBuilder HRMS is designed for simplicity. It is user friendly and works smoothly. A simple and practical user interface enables you to finish your tasks fast and save you tremendous time in the learning process. We work on the details to meet your specific requirements and make the day-to-day operation much easier.

Compliance with Latest Legislation

Regulations and Company Policy Changes. BridgeBuilder has been specifically designed for HR professionals across multiple industries and countries.

Workflow Process

Most executives are always with busy schedule and administrative works. Through employee self-service, managers can approve application anywhere anytime. Or when you are on vocation, system allow you to delegate your approval authority to other party.

High Scalability

The system is based on modular design but are fully integrated, thus eliminating unnecessary interface. A company can start its payroll automation project with minimum components, including Personnel Administration, Payroll Processing, Leave Administration and Taxation Management and then a self-service project in late stage.


Rapid mobile technology development has been a global trend. BridgeBuilder HMRS is a new generation system equipped with various mobile features to match the needs of HRs. Our employee self-service (ESS) and manager self-service (MSS) are deployable on mobile devices so that users can access anywhere to accomplish the jobs.

Cloud Computing

BridgeBuilder can be deployed as a “Software As A Service ( SAAS )” / “On-Demand” option over the internet in a Public or Private Cloud with no upfront license cost or On-Premise where fees are payable in advance for the license rights of BridgeBuilder.The former typically means no software is installed at your office and where your data and your BridgeBuilder software is accessed at a remote location from your internet browser and the latter where your data and BridgeBuilder software is installed in premise.

Deployment Options

Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Hybrid Model


You care about the security, and so do we. HR data are always confidential and must be carefully handled. Various security features are integral to the system to prevent unauthorized access and offer suitable protection in case of a hard disk crash or network malfunction.


What most senior managers want to know is whether the employees can achieve individual and business objectives or not. The ultimate goal of HR data tracking and analysis is to generate an insightful report so as to let senior executives to have a better understanding of the drivers that affect day-to-day operations. Human capital is the most value assets in one company. Thru different analysis, Manager/ HR can gain better understanding of their staff strength, weakness, opportunities & threat so that to make a suitable strategy.

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