Benefit to Employee

Employee Level – Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Employee Self-Service The easiest way to update personnel information or make applications requests. Employees are now more than ever aware of employee self-service capabilities that are accessible with appropriate security control settings.

ESS Main Functions:

Personal Information Updates
Staff Self- Leave Application
Checking for Leave Balance
Check Attendance Records
Online Appointment Entry
Pay Slip and Tax Return Forms

Manager Level – Manager Self-Service (MSS)

A useful tool to let senior managers to make approval for various kind of applicants. Managers can view, approve or reject application and modify employees’ data in their responsible area through MSS. For Example, leave application and check leave balance from employees and check their schedule whenever they want to ensure sufficient manpower for ongoing projects and shifting.

MSS Main Functions:
Employee Information
Checking for Sub-Ordinate’s Leave Status
Approve Sub-Ordinate’s Leave Application
View Staff Attendance Status
Approve Staff’s OT and Compensation Leave

Benefit to Organization

HR Analytics

For simple or complex ad hoc reporting, HRQX is for both.

We understand that businesses change every day, and to become an adaptive means that you have to have the ability to gain full insights into your organization, thus, providing you with a mechanism for the continual refinements of your people. We have embraced a number of ways to assimilate information from our visualization tools that give you a quick on-the-fly detailed review and allow you to create charts or display key performance indicators (KPI) through visual dashboards. In addition, we use the Excel format that support for spreadsheet functionality, ad-hoc reporting and “drill-down¨.

These Dashboard, KPI, and Excel reporting features allow you to set goals and plan for individuals and facilitate improvements in staff performance.

Comprehensive Reporting Features:
Visualisation Interface
Drag and drop Reporting
Dashboards & Excel Tables
Drill Down
What-if Analysis
Budget & Forecast
Compatible with Multiple Databases

Certified PMP

Success is not only about owning a system, but also letting you fully utilise it. We offer a wide range of professional services for every size of business and organization, from consulting, system design, installation, implementation, documentation, testing, deployment, supporting to back up solution. We aim to let you earn the highest return on your investment. So, we encouraged our consultant for continuous education in their specialty. Now, over 80% of our implementation consultant entitled Certified PMP to ensure you enjoy best ROI on resources, time, and human capital for the project.

Staff/ HR Portal

Can be best described as an information center. This hub connects users to company news, information, updates, events, employee handbook, department information, training enrollment and so on.

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