1BBHR Web icon_21 Sep 2015_02-People Management People Management

Helps establishing strategic HR planning in your organization, a centralized staff profile is necessary which contains basic personnel information and other key facts, such as employee competencies, working experience, and qualifications; all of which can facilitate your strategic planning.

• Employee Life Cycle Management
• Date Reminder with email alert
• Staff Search Engine
• Link to Recruitment Module
• Headcount Analysis

2BBHR Web icon_21 Sep 2015_03-The Compensation and Benefits Compensation and Benefits

Module is focusing on practical and simple solutions for users. Combined with various HR & Legal compliances using different methodologies adoption, you can eliminate redundant steps by just a few clicks and be able to execute them on time. As we have been working with diverse businesses with varying HR policies in payroll and bonus calculations, you can easily achieve your specific goals.

• Salary Package
• Payroll Rules Engine
• Salary Tracking
• Minimum Wage Calculator
• Cross Border System
• Payroll Analysis Reports

3BBHR Web icon_21 Sep 2015_04-Leave Management Leave Management

Modules play a significant role in workforce planning. System facilities HR professionals and/or department heads to develop effective rosters for each staff group whilst adhering to different government regulations and company policies. Each employee can apply and review his/her leave and roster information through our e-platform thus ensuring that your organization has sufficient workforce at all times.

• RSE Calculator
• Leave Tracking
• Multiple Leave Plans
• Leave Trend Analysis

4BBHR Web icon_21 Sep 2015_05-Attendance Management Attendance Management

Modules play a significant role in workforce planning. The management of workplace attendance is an important aspect of supervision in the workplace. System facilities HR professionals and/or department heads to understand and analyze the attendance performance and etc.

• Shift/ Roster Management
• Attendance Status
• Attendance Allowance
• SH/ PH Compensation


 BBHR Web icon_21 Sep 2015-36-HR Mobile App Mobile Applications

The BridgeBuilder HR Mobile App is a “ready-to-run” application that extends your HR system to be a fully enabled mobile platform. It provides complete flexibility to maintain a competitive edge and allows access to calendars, news, events, “Employee Creative Feedback” programs, as well providing a way to update E-Leave and Expenses Claims anywhere anytime. The system allows employees to have offline access to check for latest corporate news, submit leave or expense forms, perform approvals where appropriate.

• Mobile Leave Management
• Mobile Attendance Management
• Expense Management (Expenses Claim)
• Information Management (News and Calendars)

5BBHR Web icon_21 Sep 2015_06-Performance Management Performance Management

Set clear objectives for your staff, so that performance goals align with your corporate values and strategies. Recognize and reward your employees by compensation, benefits, training opportunity or prospective career development and get insight into departmental performance against other departments in current or previous years.

• Goal Management
• User-definable Competencies
• 360-degree Performance Appraisal
• Dashboard for Appraisal

6BBHR Web icon_21 Sep 2015_01-Training Management-02 Training Management

Improve your business position by enhancing and retaining core competencies. You can create, schedule and track all learning activities for individual staff or group, and evaluate training investments by reviewing training course performance and effectiveness. You can also extend functions to an online self-service platform thus allowing staff to register for training courses, complete performance assessments, so that you focus on the key activities instead of administrative work.

• Employee Training Records
• Training Course Administration
• Training Needs and Cost Analysis

7BBHR Web icon_21 Sep 2015_07-Talent Management Talent Management

Develop an integrated plan for human capital development that matches the desired skills required executing business plans versus current capabilities to deliver against those plans.

• Employee Retention
• Succession Planning
• Career Development
• Interview Review



8why-bbhrms-img6 Recruitment

Optimize your recruitment process from job requisition, short listing, and interview to on boarding. You can deploy the Recruitment module to your website and hire more efficiently with less cost. You can make use of the applicant search engine that might enable you to find the right candidate for your vacancies. To reduce HR workload before or after the interview, it allows the HR to interview the candidates by using their Tablet PC to record all comments about the interview.

• Job Requisition
• Candidate Filtering
• Auto-generated Personnel Profiles

 BBHR Web icon_21 Sep 2015-35-HR Portal HR Portal

The Staff Portal has a secure, integrated “Employee Self-Service” (ESS) and “Manager Self-Service” (MSS) capability and can be used as either an enhanced function of our HRMS core module or alternatively with other third party HR systems. It is designed to be a unified platform to reduce distance between managers and employees to make them more productive, collaborative and trans-formative.
Deployment of latest HR technologies makes for a more cost effective and more inclusive organisation and significantly enhances employer to employee communications through all channels, as well as providing additional end user driven “self-service” capabilities to both employees and management.

• Announcements including Latest News
• Documentation Library (Quick Links)
• Enrollment and Reporting
• Recruitment / Career Opportunities
• Picture Library (Gallery)

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