FlexSystem is the leading provider of enterprise management solutions that delivers high quality business software and services to enable companies to drive increased efficiency and improve agility. With more than 20 years of experience, we have thousands of customers in over 15 countries.

The FlexAccount, i.e. FESA Financial, to bring you better user experience and more possibilities for realizing best practice in financial management. Enhanced functions include extendable analysis dimension, electronic bank reconciliation, consolidation handling, budget planning etc. With FESA Financial, you are empowered to confidently manage the complex finances and remain compliant with government regulations, such as GAAP, IFRS.

In spite of FlexAccount, the BridgeBuilder HRMS is also a specialized Human Resource Management System developed by FlexSystem Limited. It has delivered best practice enterprise solutions to over 3,000 companies in 30 countries for the past 30 years. BridgeBuilder HRMS facilitates HR professionals transforming from operation practitioner to strategic corporate partner by applying latest and practical HR technology, including Mobile, Dashboard, HR Budgeting etc.


Wide Range Enterprise Applications With the notion to become a one-stop solution provider, FlexSystem has never stopped in developing and fine-tuning product portfolios.The word “Integration” is the key word in the design and development of FlexSystem Enterprise Solutions and apart from FlexSystem Financial which is at the core of the system we also have designed a full range of integrated office automation applications that include Trading Management System, Manufacturing Control System, Human Resources Management System, Property Management System, Fixed Assets Management System, Billing System, Workflow Management and Enterprise Information Support Systems.

Long Establishment With over 20 years domain experience FlexSystem has successfully captured a large local market share, and is positioned as a strongly branded enterprise solution.

Product Development  FlexSystem values technology advancement and prides itself on keeping pace with technological change and our commitment to it has been greatly reflected in the latest versions of our software and is also reflected in our leadership position within the market.

Service Commitment We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and our top priority has always been and will always be sustaining a good relationship with our customers.

System Implementation To ensure a project is completed on-time and within budget, FlexSystem offers professional advice on system implementation and our consulting teams are highly knowledgeable with in-depth experience in information technology as well as operational management Services include system studies, systems integration, data migration, design chart of accounts and all other aspects of the system. All of our services are tailored to an individual company, giving the users a quick but easy to manage implementation scheme.