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Innovative HRMS for Passionate Pioneering Hotelier.

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We invite high calibre candidates to join us for the following positions:

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You are welcome to contact us (BBHRMS).

A leading name in human resources services

BridgeBuilder HRMS is the specialized Human Resource Management System developed by FlexSystem. Today, HRMS continues to be at a pivotal turning point in HK and throughout Asia, evolving as a practical, strategic, and tactical conduit by being a bridge between senior management and the whole organization, between HR professionals and other members of the management team through a mixture of dynamic data flow, mobile technology and better analytic all processing. Our HR and payroll services are innovative, efficient and always accessible by employees using our ESS system portal.

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Invest in a HR System for Your Hong Kong Business

At BridgeBuilder HRMS, we specialise in helping your business grow from the inside out. Our seamless human resources services and innovative software solutions provide the foundation for your employees to thrive. We aim to provide that integral link between all employees, from senior management to junior members of the team, ensuring that each and every person feels supported in their workplace. As a leading HR system, we are proud to be a part of so many thriving organisations throughout HK.

Human Resource Management solutions that work for you

We offer the premier HR system for small and large businesses in HK. Our aim is to connect people from all departments through a single solution, making the process much quicker and easier than ever before. These human resources services are specifically designed to assist HR professionals with their everyday jobs, giving them the industry advantage.

The eight features that come with our system are:

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If you think that your Hong Kong business could benefit from our innovative human resources management system, get in contact using our online enquiry form or call us on (852) 3798 4401.

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