Seminar Tackle HR Legal Risk with Technology(HRM)

2017 Tech-Trans + IBM + FlexSystem, BBHRMS Seminar on 20th June at The Mira Hong Kong

First Speaker: Lancy Chui
Second Speaker: Simon Cheng
Third Speaker: Machine Chan

The seminar began with Lancy Chui from Manpower, who captivated the audience with her years in experience in treating HR traps. Lancy also brought everyone’s attention to understanding the law when dealing with 418, overtime payroll calculations, and intriguing case studies. An excerpt from her talk with the continuous Contract of Employment states any employee who works for 4 weeks or more, with at least 18 hours worked in each week is entitled a continuous contract. Hence, a part-time employee who fulfils the above requirements is also employed under a continuous contract and benefits. This was only one of the many interesting traps that she covered at lengthen in her talk.

Our second speaker, Simon Cheng who is also a valued member in the HR department at Flexystem, dove deeper into the subject of payroll calculations. His familiarity with numbers and extensive background in the HR environment allowed him to reveal the daunting problems that employers face in commission calculation, the prevention steps to take, as well as accessible solutions that utilize the latest technology of cloudbase.

Our final speaker, Machine Chan, from Tech Trans who opened our eyes to the massive amount of data in this information age. He introduced big data, which is unstructured data, installed with advanced AI tools that finds patterns in a specific audience. His ample exposure to Cloud Computing, Own Cloud and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) made him the perfect candidate to share this segment of the seminar.

These three speakers were well versed, professional and enormously resourceful in their delivery. Moreover, the seminar had a solid turnout that was made possible by our dignified audience, speakers and venue. On behalf of Flexsystem, it was our pleasure for all our guests and speakers at the seminar and relish any collaborations the future may hold. See you at the next one!


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